The viva

For RD students, below are some documents that can help guide the preparation for the viva! It can be a daunting task knowing how to and beginning to prepare, so these documents might be useful in helping you to make a plan for the preparation.

Some of the most useful tips/things to remember from the following documents are,

  • prepping for the viva is often more stressful than the actual viva!
  • the examiners want you to do well; try to see them as your equals rather than people ‘testing’ you.
  • it’s a good thing to be able to articulate and discuss the shortcomings of your study and thesis, and what you would do differently if you did it again…
  • … and you know your study & topic, and why you made the decisions you did, better than anybody, so let that give you confidence.

Document 1: vivasurvival

Document 2: vivaadvice

Document 3: VivaNotes09

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