Many qualitative researchers at LSHTM use the computer package NVivo as an aid to qualitative analysis. There are a variety of ways of using NVivo; depending on your project it can be used as a type of ‘filing cabinet’ for your data, and at the other extreme used as an integral aid to your analysis. NVivo can seem tricky to navigate at first, so there are some guides listed below.

Please feel free to post comments on your experience that might help others!

Useful links for NVivo

Online QDA is a fantastic collection on resources for doing various kinds of qualitative analysis, and for beginning computer aided analysis.  The sections on doing analysis are excellent, assume no prior knowledge, and include examples.  There is also a glossary of terms and links to further resources. http://onlineqda.hud.ac.uk/

The first port of call for anyone new to computer aided analysis, or anyone thinking about using it.  This has documents describing key features of most available packages, plus links to further resources.  LSHTM supports NVivo, and the benefits of using a package supported by your insitutution usually outweigh any advantages other packages may have.

Practical Nvivo tips…

  • “… I would warn others that in my recent experience it is liable to crash if you have too many documents open on the network, and try to print anything big from NVivo”